Screen Capture

Setting up for compact full screen screen captures

Install the free Gadwin PrintScreen utility available here
After installation, to configure Gadwin properties, click the new 
Gadwin PrintScreen icon in the Windows system tray

Change the default Preferences properties to these settings:
Preference properties

Change the default Source properties to these settngs:
Source properties

Change the default Destination properties to these settings.
Modify the File Name and Capture Directory to suit your requirements:
File Name and Capture Directory properties

Change the default Image properties to these settings:
Image properties

Enlarge Real Player to "Full Screen Theatre".
Click the PtrScr key to capture a screen image to a file. Files will be numbered automatically.


If you are getting all black screen captures, disable 'overlays' in Real Player Tools - Preferences.
To see the result after making this change, be sure to close and re-start RealPlayer:
RealPlayer Preferences


To optimize hearing whispered voices, Select Real Player Tools - Equalizer 
Set the Equalizer faders and save the settings as shown


RealPlayer Equalizer
These voice enhancement settings are not as strong
RealPlayer Equalizer

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