Hello all,

My real name is Proton but everyone likes to call me PoPo for some reason. I am a feral cat who was rescued by Susan Simons of Forgotten Felines when I was about a month old.

That's when I came to live here. It seems this must be some kind of zoo. The other cats I live with are strange enough, but the two people that live here are just too much.

One of the people is always reciting to me the following cliche accolades:

"PoPo, you are Clean as a Whistle, Cute as a Button, Fresh as a Daisy, Neat as a Pin, Pretty as a Picture, Smart as a Whip, Sweet as Sugar, and you're just as Warm, just as Warm, just as Warm as the Sun, and, you are both Soft and Fluffy, Dreamy, and just as Smooth as Silk."

He promises to add an accolade at every birthday.  Good grief.  I have lived with this nut case for over 19 years. His real name is Carlos but I like to call him deCarlo. Of course, everything he is saying is true, so at least he has the facts straight.

Popo portrait

The other person is always telling me to move. Doesn't Star know that pathways are meant to be blocked? Anyway, I 'm not sure why these two need to be around anyway except to take care of my every need.

PoPo close up

My brother Yoda is something else. He is always imagining unseen threats. He needs to get with it and realize that humans are easy marks, who can be coaxed into doing amazing things for us. In the meantime, he does enjoy the outdoors.


Patches started out in the next yard over as a kitten, but soon realized how cushy things are here and moved himself right in. This cat is BIG. He follows Star and deCarlo every day down the street for some reason. They talk about doing a "Hot Tub" down there somewhere. Patches says that next to the Hot Tub is the biggest water dish he has ever seen. When he gets back from the pool, Patches likes to get right to work in the office.


This addition to the asylum is Ferdinand, the athlete. Everyone calls this jock Ferdi. He has huge hands. He likes to chase me. Big deal, he never catches me.


So these latest additions to the zoo claim that they are "Rag Dolls".  You can see in the photo below how impressed I am with this development.  The one farthest from me is "Big Boy" and they call the one crowding me "Princess".  deCarlo is always telling Big Boy that he is a big beautiful bouncing bodacious baby boy.  He is always telling Princess that she has a beautiful gray hood, fleece, just as white as snow, and a beautiful gray and brown saddle. I literally mean that he is always telling them that, he sounds like some kind of broken record.  To me they are all all just so much fluff.

Big Boy is huge, so what?

Princess enjoys dancing with the sky

PoPo Reading

Exclusive photos from inside a Big Brother "Control Room"

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