December 1, 1999

TO: JJ at


Hi JJ,

Carlos & Star let me borrow their computer to write you this e-mail. Thank you very much for sending them whatever it was you sent them. All they will tell me is that it is a Christmas present for me, whatever that means. Now they have hidden it somewhere. You can be sure I will be looking for it.

They did leave your thank-you note out on the coffee table. It was wrapped around whatever it was that you sent them.

I am enjoying reading your note and appreciate it very much, as you can see for yourself in this photo. The yellow sheet of paper has an excellent flavor and texture. It is now mine.

You mention "treats" in your note. That sounds really good.

PoPo Reading

March 5, 2004

TO: Beth at Web Links


Hi Beth.

Where's JJ?

It has been almost 5 years since these human clowns I live with first posted this page with the picture of me reading JJ's note.

I figure if they notice traffic going to that page they MIGHT remember to order some more treats for me.

These 2 people who also live here can be REALLY slow to get with it sometimes.

- PoPo

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