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September 10, 2008 - About 30 minutes into her House Calls exit interview, Big Brother 10 player Keesha Smith complimented Lisa Donahue for the way Lisa played Big Brother.  This web site would like to do the same for Keesha because Keesha we admire how well Keesha played the game.

Keesha knew nothing about Big Brother and was picked to play from a photo her manager sent in.

She adapted quickly. All she saw of Big Brother before entering the house were the Big Brother 3 DVDs provided to her during sequester.

When she first started, she was in a clique but soon realized that to stay in the game she would have to re-align the house.

She read the players in the house that she felt would do the best with her: Renny, Memphis, and Dan.

It was her idea alone to target Angie for eviction to access Memphis.  No one in the house wanted that, but she won HOH, nominated Angie, and got the house guests to vote Angie out 8-0.

The next week, with Memphis and Jessie on the block, she got Renny, who did not trust Memphis, and Libra to work with Dan to evict Jessie 4-3 and save Memphis.

That vote re-aligned the house and shattered the original 7 alliance.

Keesha Her choice of her team was spectacularly good, as that team rolled through the house to Final 5 climaxed by Keesha winning the critical 1 hour long special live HOH that resulted in Ollie's eviction.

As a result, the only person left in the house not on the team that she picked in the first weeks was Jerry. Jerry won HOH which was the beginning of the end, as Renny was evicted, and then Keesha.

The odds of Keesha, Renny, Memphis, and Dan getting so far were very low and it was Keesha who put together this team that made it happen.

Great job Keesha, you are a great BB player who made this season worth watching.

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