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BB3 DVD Episode Number - Date: Description

1 - WED 07.10: The HouseGuests move in, get settled and immediately start forming alliances. While Jason and Lori endure in the back yard, winning $3,000 for every week they both remain in the house, Josh begins to plot inside. Marcellas becomes a target because of his "negative energy." Lisa, who declares there was no competition for her in the House, won the first Head of Household Competition.

Week 1

2 - THU 07.11: Marcellas and Jason share their sexual secrets with the others: Marcellas is gay and Jason is a virgin. Having won the Luxury Competition, the HouseGuests are granted access to the hot tub, which becomes a hotbed of strategic discussion. Using the power that comes with being the first Head of Household, Lisa nominates Marcellas and Lori for eviction. Lori is emotional about being put up, but Marcellas is defiant. And looming over everything is a twist that will change everybody's strategy.

3 - SAT 07.13: Gerry wins the first Veto Competition, giving him the power to save either Marcellas or Lori from possible eviction. Lisa, the Head of Household who put Marcellas and Lori on the chopping block, thinks it will be in Gerry's best interest to leave the nominations as they are. Several HouseGuests switch sleeping arrangements, Amy's love of cheese is revealed, and the HouseGuests scramble to realign themselves in anticipation of Gerry's decision.

4 - WED 07.17: Gerry uses the first Veto Power to save Marcellas from the chopping block. His speech about this move angers some of the other HouseGuests, especially Josh. Lisa picks Amy to replace Marcellas as a nominee. Both Lori and Amy feel good about their chances to stay in the House, but Thursday night one of them will be evicted and a new Head of Household will come to power.

Week 2

5 - THU 07.18: Lori is evicted from the BIG BROTHER House in a 5-4 vote. Marcellas completes his unlikely transformation from HouseGuest targeted for eviction on the first night of the game to being saved from nomination by Gerry to winning Head of Household. As fallout from Gerry's Veto Meeting speech continued, the Group of Six begins to split along gender lines, with both men and women scheming against their supposed allies.

6 - SAT 07.20: With Marcellas as HoH, Josh campaigns to avoid nomination, to no avail. Marcellas nominates Josh and Tonya for eviction. Danielle, Tonya, Eric, Gerry and Chiara lose the Food Competition, putting them on a peanut butter and jelly diet all week. Roddy and Chiara get closer, sharing a kiss in bed.

7 - WED 07.24: While nominee Josh campaigns to stay in the House, Amy makes a play for Hottie Roddy, threatening his budding romance with Chiara. Danielle wins both the Power of Veto and some exercise equipment for the House in the America's Choice bowling competition. In the end, she decides to let the nominations stand, leaving both Josh and Tonya on the chopping block.

Week 3

8 - THU 7.25: In a tense week leading up to the second eviction, Tonya's temper bursts to the surface in an angry disagreement with two HouseGuests, while Roddy confronts Josh about certain rumors. Jason and Roddy form a new partnership, and each brings his own agenda to the proceedings. After Tonya's eviction in a vote that shocks many of the Houseguests, Marcellas vacates the seat of power, giving way to new Head of Household Roddy and a new power structure.

9 - SAT 7.27: Roddy targets Amy for eviction and nominates her against her best friend, Marcellas, to ensure that it happens. Another romance blooms in the House, Gerry pontificates on subjects great and small, Eric holds meetings in his sleep and the PB and J HouseGuests get a chance to get some real food back in their lives.

10 - WED 7.31: Amy reaches the conclusion that her nomination and seemingly predetermined eviction is her own fault, but Marcellas isn't convinced that he's safe. Chiara wants a life with Roddy outside the BIG BROTHER House, Jason and Danielle start to implement their master plan, and the gender alliances strengthen. Eric wins the Veto Competition, but chooses to keep the nominations as they are.

Week 4

11 - THU 8.01: After an emotional argument with Marcellas, Amy's fears come true: a unanimous decision evicting her from the BIG BROTHER House. Gerry goes from being an outsider to being the ultimate insider, winning the Head of Household Competition and throwing a scare into all the HouseGuests who are unsure of his strategy.

12 - SAT 8.03: The HouseGuests give themselves facials and eat fried chicken livers while nervously awaiting Gerry's nominations. Eric sweeps Lisa off her feet, then sends her running with more nighttime conversation. Marcellas takes one for the team, Roddy forgets something important and new promises are made. Finally, Gerry puts up Eric and Lisa as nominees.

13 - WED 8.07: Eric and Lisa, the fledgling couple, have been nominated together for eviction. The rest of the House scrambles to secure their positions in case the Veto Power is used. Gerry finds that having the power doesn't guarantee comfort, Jason wins an emotional America's Choice, and a friend must make the difficult decision of whether or not to use the Veto.

Week 5

14 - THU 8.08: In the first BIG BROTHER 3 voting tie, Head of Household Gerry breaks the deadlock, voting to evict Eric from the House. Before their separation, Lisa and Eric had a "date," a romantic outdoor dinner. Chiara became the new Head of Household, but a radical shift in the game awaits: one of the evicted HouseGuests, Lori, Tonya, Amy or Eric, will be re-entering the House.

15 - SAT 8.10: An unexpected twist is introduced to the stunned HouseGuests. Roddy and Chiara both talk about completely different subjects, Danielle realizes the truth about Chiara, Jason tells a white lie and Josh's half-truths start to catch up to him. Chiara nominates Josh and, in another unexpected twist, Roddy for eviction.

16 - WED 8.14: Chiara has nominated Josh and Roddy for eviction, but made it clear during the ceremony that she wants Josh out. Lisa wins the Power of Veto and decides not to use it to save Roddy, despite Josh's plea. Thinking he's next to go, Josh withdraws from the group, unaware that Danielle is rallying votes to evict Roddy instead.

Week 6

17 - THU 8.15: Josh gets caught campaigning against Roddy after swearing that he wouldn’t. Roddy and Marcellas confront him about it in front of all the other HouseGuests, leading to his unanimous eviction. Amy returns to the Big Brother House after making extravagant promises and surviving a re-entry vote by the remaining HouseGuests. Finally, the HoH competition ends in a cliffhanger, with the HouseGuests marinating in a bathtub filled with 60 squid.

18 - SAT 8.16: The cliffhanger HoH contest from Thursday night concludes with Amy outlasting Jason in a bathtub filled with squids, electric eels, seaweed, pond scum and cod liver oil. While remaining in the contest, the HouseGuests reminisce about some of the more notable events in the House and fill Amy in on what she's missed.

19 - WED 8.21: (2 hours) - After her stunning leap from exile to Head of Household, Amy nominates Chiara and Roddy for eviction. Gerry wins the Veto Power for a second time after a slippery Competition. Jason worries that he's giving away his secrets, Gerry buys an orange tree for his wife and Marcellas aligns himself with Roddy. After winning a group Luxury Competition, the HouseGuests get a surprise private backyard concert from multiple Grammy-winning superstar Sheryl Crow!

Week 7

20 - THU 8.22: The HouseGuests vote 4-1 to evict Chiara, but not without complications. Jason, unsure of whom to vote for, gets confusing advice from Danielle, and their votes end up contradicting each other. Meanwhile, Sheryl Crow leaves some presents behind, Roddy and Chiara "break up" but promise to remain friends, and we meet Gerry and Danielle's families. Jason wins the HoH Competition, spinning the game off into a new direction.

21 - SAT 8.24: The HouseGuests are touched by Roddy's emotional response to a second going-away present from Chiara and spooked by the new, smaller dining room table. Marcellas expresses suspicion about Gerry, while Jason begins to doubt Roddy's commitment to him. In the end, a tormented Jason nominates Gerry and Amy for eviction, upsetting Danielle that he didn't take another shot at putting Roddy out of the game.

22 - WED 8.27: Jason nominated Gerry and Amy for eviction, despite the fact that the rest of the House wanted him to put up Roddy. Marcellas is stalked by a wayward gnome and lists his approved fashion stylists, Danielle gets a message from home and Amy admits her deepest fear. Jason wins the Power of Veto, giving himself a chance to alter his own nominations.

Week 8

23 - THU 8.29: While Gerry spends the remainder of his time in the House "positively campaigning" to stay, a battle of wills is brewing between Roddy and Danielle. Eric returns to his first love, the firehouse in Connecticut, and discusses his potential future with Lisa. Gerry's campaign is for naught as he is evicted 4-0, and Marcellas wins HoH, setting up a potential clash of the titans.

24 - SAT 8.31: Six HouseGuests evicted, six HouseGuests remaining. Those remaining miss Gerry more than they had expected they would. Marcellas has taken over his Head of Household power for the second time, and starts to lose patience with his friend Amy. The HouseGuests play water polo, Marcellas talks to himself and Danielle discovers a common bond with Lisa. After a messy Food Competition, Marcellas decides Amy needs to go, and nominates her alongside Roddy.

25 - WED 9.04: After a blistering nomination speech from Marcellas, a devastated Amy wins the Power of Veto. Roddy reminds her of a promise made in Week Two to take him off the block if she ever won the PoV. Torn between her promise and the will of the House, Amy finally decides not to use the Veto to save her fellow nominee Roddy. Meanwhile, Jason gets his first massage, and the HouseGuests go on a shopping spree.

Week 9

26 - THU 9.05: The third time is the charm as the HouseGuests evict Roddy after two previous nominations. Also, the HouseGuests are concerned about Amy's alcohol intake, and we touch base with Josh and Merritt. Jason wins the HoH Competition, bringing a new agenda to the table.

Week 10

27 - THU 9.12: (2 hours) - Roddy has left the House, but is not forgotten. Jason is the new HoH, even though he wanted to throw the Competition. Again, the HouseGuests are warned to "Expect the Unexpected": this time, it's the introduction of the Golden Veto, allowing a nominee to remove him or herself from the block. Jason nominates Marcellas and Amy, then watches, terrified, as Marcellas wins the Golden Veto. In a special live segment, Marcellas decides not to use the Golden Veto and Jason gets stuck breaking the eviction vote tie. He evicts Marcellas, then watches as his close ally Danielle wins the next HoH Competition.

28 - SAT 9.14: After the shocking eviction of Marcellas, the HouseGuests are in a bit of a funk. At least they are until Julie Chen offers them an opportunity to make a phone call home and make some money in the process. Jason is the "last man standing" in a House full of girls and quickly learns his place in the new order of things. Danielle, in her first reign as HoH, presides over a difficult but laugh-filled Nomination Ceremony, putting up Lisa and Amy.

29 - WED 9.18: Danielle sticks to her secret alliance with Jason by nominating Lisa and Amy for eviction. Lisa wins the America's Choice and chats via the Internet with her fans, including a certain ex-HouseGuest fireman. Jason and Amy win a Luxury Competition and leave the BB House to go sailing on the high seas. Despite all the rewards, the focus returns to the game as everyone realizes that the next HoH Competition will determine the Final Two.

Week 11

30 - THU 9.19: Jason uses his power to evict Amy, sending her back into the company of her mother and her excited dog Buckie. After her eviction, Amy learns that Jason and Danielle have been an alliance since the first week, but still says she's pulling for Danielle to win the game. The First Round of the ultimate Head of Household Competition ends in a cliffhanger, to be resolved on Saturday night.

31 - SAT 9.21: Lisa wins Round One of the HoH Competition and gets a bye to Round Three. Jason beats Danielle in Round Two, in which they play beat the clock while performing Household tasks. Lisa defeats Jason in Round Three, winning the ultimate HoH Competition. She votes to evict Jason, choosing to go into the Finals against Danielle. Wednesday night, the final votes will be counted and the BIG BROTHER 3 winner will be crowned!

32 - WED 9.25: The HouseGuests reunite and discuss everything that happened between them in the House. Everyone gets to ask Lisa and Danielle a single question to help them make up their minds on how to vote, and Julie grills everyone about the goings-on that we’ve all watched for the past 11 weeks. Lisa, the bartender from Los Angeles, ends up winning BIG BROTHER 3 by a vote of 9-1. Danielle’s strong ally Jason comes through for her to the end, casting the sole vote for her to win.


Amazing facts: Part One of the slide show contains 144 frames or still pictures.  There are over 3,500,000 frames in the complete BB3 9 DVD disk box set.

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