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Why did Lisa win Big Brother 3?

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"Danielle would have won, but the house guests saw the diary room clips before they voted"

DanielleA popular comment heard on CBS House Calls is that Danielle would have won Big Brother 3 if the House guests had been sequestered and were not shown the BB3 show tapes including Danielle's diary room clips.

Marcellas, co-host of House Calls and Big Brother 3 contestant who with 9 other BB3 house guests voted for the winner, has repeatedly stated that the diary rooms and tapes were not the deciding factor in the vote.

This page summarizes the observations of Marcellas and others about the house guest vote.  

Lisa would have won with a sequestered jury

If all the House Guests had been sequestered and never got to see the shows with Danielle's diary rooms, with the best case scenario for Danielle, the vote may have been 7-3 for Lisa to win instead of 9-1 for Lisa to win.  

Marcellas was betrayed by Danielle who had promised Marcellas and Amy he was safe and did not need to use the veto. In a sequester house, Marcellas would have told Amy all about how Danielle broke promises to him in the house.  After hearing that from her friend Marcellas, there is no way that Amy would have voted for Danielle to win.

Chiara and Roddy knew Danielle had been working against Roddy from living with Danielle inside the house, not from the show tapes.  Marcellas would have relayed that Roddy was called the devil repeatedly by Danielle.  Chiara and Roddy would have never voted Danielle the grand prize, for the way she portrayed Roddy to the other house guests and to America.

Eric would have voted for Lisa no matter what.

Sequestered together, these 5 players would have compared notes and solidified their resolve that Danielle should not win the Lisa, the first and final Head of Householdmoney.  They would have spoken about their views with fellow jury members Tonya, Lori, Gerry, and Josh.

Tonya suspected when she was in the house that Danielle thought Tonya was an "unfit mother". Tonya was very hurt by that and would never vote for Danielle. Lisa calling Tonya materialistic was on the show tapes that Tonya saw, yet she still voted for Lisa to win the money. Letting it be known you think a mother is a bad mother is never a good move, and a fatal one in BB.

It was Danielle who fought with  Lori over the Gerry hand washing and that incident contributed to Lori's departure after Gerry removed Marcellas from the Danielle and Lori block in week 1 and Lisa substituted Amy. Lori would have voted for anyone except Danielle to win the money.

Josh and Gerry are the only two house guests who might have switched their votes from Danielle to Lisa based on viewing the show tapes and diary room clips. Everyone else (except Jason of course) was ready to vote for Lisa to win.

So the best case vote, if all the House Guests had been sequestered and never got to see the shows with Danielle's diary room clips is:


Lisa would still have won Big Brother 3 by a vote of 7-3, which brings up the main point of this post.

Lisa played the best game

Getting to the Final 2 is 50% of good Big Brother playing. The other 50% is whatever is done in the house with the other players so that when you get to the Final 2, you get more votes than the person sitting next to you.  Danielle played an Lisaeffective game for getting to the Final 2 and not a good game for getting votes when she got there.

Lisa played the best game for her season, adapting to the changing reality in the house and that season's rules, week after week, always teaming with the right players at the right time, winning the first and 3 part Final Head of Household, securing her place in the Final 2, receiving 9 votes to 1 to win, the most lopsided win in Big Brother history.


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