Gone Play 6:04

When she sees the sun in the dark of the night

When she becomes one with all that is,

And when she sees herself as the source of all the light

Then her son is the father of all that lives.

When he overcomes the repetition of his thousand names

And the miracles he leaves behind,

And when he sees one player in a thousand thousand games

then he turns himself around to the other side,

He is gone, he is gone.

Buried seeds awake in the earth,

Deep water giving birth.

The falcon soars to the top of the sky

and the unicorn lays his head in the lap of the lady.

The moon!  The moon!

Waves of love leaping up to the moon.

Eagle-master journeys of lightning and thunder.

Horses swimming through fire.

Allah!  The sun! the sun!

Then a sword in the clouds

and the rain going down

to a home in the ground.

The skin of the flower opening to me!

The king and the queen riding over the sea!

Sister from the ancient land

Brother from before the world

Was it your face I saw, or the moon?

Was it your heart I felt, or the sun?

When the king and the queen become the moon and the sun,

And the light they give is the life they live,

And the thousand worlds they leave behind to the children yet to come,

And the other shore is the place they started from,

And the thousand worlds beyond me

And the thousand worlds within

And every place is no place

The beginning is the end...

And all my time is timeless

And every wave is one wave

and all my seeds are flowers

And all my loves are one love...

And all my names are nameless

And all my lives are one life

And all my many faces

Are dissolving in the one light...

Gone Gone Gone away

Allah singing forever and ever.

They are one, they are gone.



(Gone Gone Gone beyond.

Completely exposed.  Awake!

So be it.)


The Sufi Choir

"Cryin' For Joy" album

Director and Composer

    William Allaudin Mathieu


    Dara Young


    Richard Tillinghast


    Fatima Peterson

    Hlima Anderson

    Mary Tillinghast

    Sita Mulligan


    Huzur Nawaz Stephen Coughlin

    James Fellows

    Leroy Yerxa

    Vasheest Phillip Davenport


    Amina Kathryn Erikson

    Hafiza Mathieu

    Mouni Sitton Cave

    Marion Shirin


    Halim Welch

    Moineddin Jablonski

    Shabda Kahn


    William Allaudin Mathieu, piano

    Amin Quance, dumbek, tabla

    Baba Maize, acoustic and electric bass

    Brian Godden, lead guitar

    Dara Young, trombone, electric bass

    Eugene Okamoto, drums

    George Ruckert, sarod

    Huzur Nawaz Stephen Coughlin, clarinet, metal and wooden flutes

    Muid Pani, tabla

    Richard Tillinghast, percussion

    Shabda Kahn, acoustic guitar, dumbek

    Zakir Hussain, tabla and dholak


    Carlos & Star (Clear Sound), recording

    Phil Sawyer, special effects

Digitally remastered from the original two track masters by Joe Hoffmann and Allaudin

BMI 1974 Cold Mountain Music

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