Thank You Play 5:21

Thank you for giving me hands
Thank you for giving me feet
Thank you for the top of the mountain
and for the city streets
Thank you for giving me blood that flows
Thank you for giving me eyes that see
Thank you every day for your love
that shines in the stars and watches over me
Like a dog I need love
Like a tree I need the sky
Like a fish I need to breathe in my own way
Thank you for the heart of the ocean
Thank you for the face of the stone
Thank you for the angels and the prophets
and Thank you for the day when you carry me home
Thank you for a good runnin' motor
Thank you for the smell of oil
Thank you for the dark rainy forest
and for the virgin soil
Thank you for giving me understanding
Thank you cause I don't know a thing
Thank you right now for your love
that turns me around and makes the planets spin
Like bread I need to rise
Like a child I need to grow
Like a vine I need to climb in my own way
Thank you for making me happy
Thank you for making me sad
Thank you for being the best friend
My soul has ever had

The Sufi Choir

"Cryin' For Joy" album

Director and Composer

William Allaudin Mathieu


Dara Young


Richard Tillinghast


Fatima Peterson

Halima Anderson

Mary Tillinghast

Sita Mulligan


Huzur Nawaz Stephen Coughlin

James Fellows

Leroy Yerxa

Vasheest Phillip Davenport


Amina Kathryn Erikson

Hafiza Mathieu

Mouni Sitton Cave

Marion Shirin


Halim Welch

Moineddin Jablonski

Shabda Kahn


William Allaudin Mathieu, piano, trumpet

Amin Quance, dumbek, tabla

Baba Maize, acoustic and electric bass

Brian Godden, lead guitar

Dara Young, trombone, electric bass

Eugene Okamoto, drums

George Ruckert, sarod

Huzur Nawaz Stephen Coughlin, clarinet, metal and wooden flutes

Muid Pani, tabla

Richard Tillinghast, percussion

Shabda Kahn, acoustic guitar, dumbek

Zakir Hussain, tabla and dholak


Carlos & Star (Clear Sound), recording

Phil Sawyer, special effects

BMI 1974 Cold Mountain Music

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