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Summer 2006

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Hello Everyone!!

I've surfaced!!! I've finally come out of my shell, and I'm ready to make some noise!! After the past 4 years of hiding away from the internet, I truly want to thank you for your continuous support especially with this upcoming Big Brother season.

I received quite a bit of criticism for winning BB3 and it's definitely made me stronger. This is a different season with a different game to play. And I'm ready to prove that I CAN PLAY THIS GAME!!!!

Big Brother All-Stars here I come!!! (Well, with your help of course!!)  Please visit the CBS voting site and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! 

This season will definitely be one to remember and I want you to remember me as a part of it!

All My Best,


Thank you so much for checking out this great website! It was such a favorite of mine when I first got out of the Big Brother house, that I just had to make sure that it had a breath of fresh air for this upcoming adventure!! 


Appearances and Lisa's Live Chat at Jokers!

06.23.06 - Campaign plea on the Early Show, CBS, National Broadcast
06.24.06 Appearance at Chili Inn, Rochester, NY, 1pm to 5pm
06.24.06 Appearance at Lounge 11 at High Falls, Rochester, NY, 9pm to 1am
06.26.06 98 PXY Radio "Spezzano and Sandy" Morning Show Pictures!  
06.27.06 - Lisa's Live Chat Transcript from  


From Jokers: "Lisa Donahue of BB3 will be answering your questions in a live chat on Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 at 7pt, 10 est. Hope you can make it!!" Click here for the transcript!

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