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Big Brother 3 Lisa in 3 Minutes Video

Every Lisa DVD screen cap in the Big Brother 3 DVD Slide Show set to the music of Thunder and Roses (used by permission) 

Big Brother 10 Keesha Compliments Lisa Donahue

About 30 minutes into her House Calls exit interview, Big Brother 10 player Keesha Smith complimented Lisa Donahue for the way she played Big Brother.  This web site would like to do the same for Keesha because we admire how well Keesha played the game. 

Lisa Donahue on Unhitched

Lisa Donahue brings drinks to the cast of Fox TV's Unhitched in episode 2 of the show that aired March 9, 2008. Here's a clip

  Lisa Donahue for Big Brother 7 All Stars!

Lisa, your fans know you are the best player Big Brother has ever seen.  Looks like everyone was afraid you would win again. They should have let you play with one hand tied behind your back, not allowed to speak, and blindfolded.  Nah, you still would have won BB7!  

Why did Lisa Donahue Win Big Brother 3?

Would Lisa have won Big Brother 3 if the house guests had been sequestered?  Yes!  Click here to find out why. 

Jekyll Updates

"For the director and CEO of Creative Light Entertainment" (Scott Zakarin) "Jekyll had to be about heart. Last week, he reflected on the project which will see its premiere for potential distributors in March" - Derek McCaw, editor, Fanboy Planet

Lisa Donahue as Lauren with Siena Goines as Christy in the film "Jekyll"

Lisa Donahue as Lauren with Siena Goines as Christy

Lisa Donahue in Phacts of Life

Lisa appeared live in the Phacts of Life October 30th at the Improv Olympic in West Hollywood.  Click here for photos!


Lisa Donahue on Entourage

Lisa appears as Vince's Girl in Episode 3 of the HBO series Entourage.   Click here to see the video!


Lisa Donahue on House Calls

Lisa appeared as a special guest of Marcellas and Gretchen Wednesday, July 28, 2004 on House Calls.   Click here to see the video!

Lisa Donahue wins Ultra Hot 10 Female Reality TV Star!

Lisa Donahue in Big Brother 3

Big Brother 3 DVD Slide Show

Big Brother 3 DVD Slide Show

Big Brother 3 DVD Episode Summaries

Lisa Donahue Slide Show

Coffee's Workin'  Watering Lizards  Amy's Cruise  Too Scared to Sleep!
Boom Pop YumYumEatemUp Teletubbies Danielle As Jason
Final HOH Round 1 Cookin' in the Kitchen  Compliments  Three More Days 
No More Fluff and Fold  Made it to The End Richer than both of us  
Breakfast of Champions Reality Show People Facial Drum Solo
BB4 clip: Lisa Today Yes Dear Back Yard Yes Dear Nominees Yes Dear GoodByes

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Final 4 in the Lizard Room
BB3 Internet Video

Four of the most popular clips on this site were extracted from a 17 minute segment recorded inside the Big Brother 3 house one week before the finale.  This Final 4 in the Lizard Room video is the source of those clips and more.

Lisa is the only house guest seen until the last few minutes of the video because each of the 4 house guests had one of the live feeds focused on them.

Windows Media Player 9 or higher and a broadband connection are required for real time viewing.  To see the Final 4 in the Lizard Room video now, click here.

September 18 - 16:54 - Final 4 in the Lizard Room Lisa, Danielle, Jason, and Amy improvise

  • 00:00 - Ideas for the Spoof Reel
  • 01:03 - Too Scared to Sleep
  • 01:33 - Marcellas was straight
  • 01:59 - Back-Knobber II infomercial
  • 03:02 - Mookie the Blair Witch
  • 04:07 - Roddy's body
  • 04:53 - Chocolate chip cookies
  • 05:04 - Danielle to HOH for music
  • 06:01 - Boom Pop
  • 06:38 - The week Amy left
  • 07:50 - YumYumEatemUp
  • 09:35 - Jason as Casey Kasem
  • 10:56 - The Movie Trailer
  • 11:52 - Claps, a Whoo, and some Snaps
  • 12:30 - Simon and the Wallabee
  • 13:05 - Teletubbies
  • 15:02 - Night cam - Amy to HOH for music
  • 16:00 - Night cam of the Final 3


BB3 Internet Video

The Final 5

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Thanks to Lisa

Thank you Lisa, for sharing with all of us a glimpse of your compassion, your humor, your amazing strength, and the beauty of your heart, body, mind, and soul.

May all your wonderful dreams come true!

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