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Slide shows and video clips of Big Brother 3's grand prize winner

Big Brother 3 DVD Slide Show

Big Brother 3 DVD Slide Show

Screen captures from the 9 DVD set

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Herman and Lisa on Departure Day

Big Brother 3 DVD Episode Summaries

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About viewing the images

The "Photo Gallery" above is a great place to start enjoying images from the Big Brother 3 DVD boxed set. Thumbnail images of all the screen captures used in the slide shows are provided.  Any image may be enlarged by clickHOH Marcellas weighs in Lisa for the Brownie House food competitioning it. The Photo Gallery is the best way for Internet users with dial up service to enjoy the images.

The "Slide Show" buttons above are designed for broadband users with a connection that will allow quick downloading of large images.  Clicking the Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 buttons above will open a new window in whatever resolution you are using.  The images will be displayed automatically for three seconds each.  The light blue controls at the bottom right of the screen Lisa challenges Chiara, while team mates Marcellas, Jason, and Eric look onallow pausing, going back, advancing each image manually, and resuming automatic play.  

At any time the full screen window can be closed by clicking "Close this window" in the upper right of the screen.  Some of the images have comments that display in white at the lower left of the screen. The "Slide Show" buttons above use JavaScript to display the slides. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Lisa in almost every slide?With a perfect score of 10, Lisa wins the power of veto


Because this is a Lisa Donahue fan site! 


Where can I see more pictures of all the house guests from Big Brother 3?

The Big Brother 3 DVD 9 disk box set is a wonderful way to see the entire season of Big Brother 3, commercial free.  We recommend it without reservation.

Danielle, Lisa, and Chiara learn that an evicted HG will return to the gameAbout the DVD (from the jacket cover)

This 9-DVD box set contains all 32 episodes of the smashing third season in which the series reached new heights of deal making and breaking. Thrill to the over-the-top action as Lisa, Chiara, Amy, Josh, Jason, Gerry, Roddy, Lori, Eric, Tonya, Danielle and Marcellas attempt to cohabitate and avoid eviction while 38 cameras and 62 microphones record their every move. 

The grand prize?  $500,000 to the last remaining House Guest!

Lisa, with Jason and Roddy, just before winning the Power of Veto competitionAlso included are musical performances by Sheryl Crow as she surprises the House Guests with an impromptu visit. Plus, never-before-seen footage of the House Guests' original casting tapes that landed them in the Big Brother house in the first place.


Amazing facts: Part One of the slide show contains 144 frames or still pictures.  There are over 3,500,000 frames in the complete BB3 9 DVD disk box set.

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